Easier Teamwork:
The Path to Gratifying Collaboration

Help Your Group Go Further Together

1-stone_circle-web-241x212As a team leader, conference and meeting planner, or people development professional, you’d love to see your group or team:

  • Create powerful collaborations
  • Achieve beyond expectation
  • Value diverse talents
  • Help each other grow
  • Solve issues without drama
  • Create effective processes
  • Accomplish tasks together — while feeling fully alive!

Sure you would!  That’s gratifying collaboration!  It’s what we explore in the team building and conference programs of Easier Teamwork.

What is Your Group’s Real Potential?

IMG_8669-touched square 140My name is Mary Tolena. I bet that your group or team can do more than it thinks possible.

I bet that you think so, too.

My passion is to help your group or team clear their way to greater potential and productivity through building the habits of gratifying collaboration.  In fact, I guarantee that you’ll be pleased with our work together.  Read why here.

Engaging AND Efficient Multi-Channel Learning

Even if you’ve done experiential team building programs before, you’ll find the Easier Teamwork approach refreshingly different.  By letting their “work minds” take a rest as they relax, play and learn, your group experiences collaboration in an entirely new way. In a progression of storytelling, dialog, and rhythm, participants are led to:

  • 1-HappyPeopleDrumming_770-279x185De-stress, relax, and feel better together (this alone is huge!)
  • Experience empowering new ideas about what helps — and hinders — gratifying collaboration
  • Identify personal and group actions to create new patterns and habits
  • Laugh together in creative fun!

Discover how Easier Teamwork programs are unique, and how they create teamwork and group collaboration that lasts beyond the short-term rush of other team building programs.

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